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    Trend Comparison

    Navdeep Singh

      Hi Everyone,


      I have requirement to do a comparison of attendance trends between weeks and based upon the results the color and shape would change in the dashboard.


      I have attached the requirement screenshot with the sample data and dashboard.


      Following are the details from the requirement screenshot:


      1. 87% shows the current attendance % of a particular student and 72% shows the attendance of a particular week in the past (selected from the filter)

      2. Week filter will be added which will do the comparison from the current attendance % to the week selected and will show if the attendance has gone up/down based on the current value

      3. If the value has gone up from the N week selected then the shape will show upward trend , downward trend or no change


      I have tried my best to get this going but I am stuck with this. Can you please let me know how I can do this?