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    Getting Started video - joins not working

    Melissa Wheeler



      I am using Tableau for the very first time and decided to follow the very first 'Getting Started' video. I started following along, got about 2 mins into the video, and noticed that the join function doesn't seem to be working on my version as it does in the video. The inner join seems to be correct in that it only produces items which appear in both datasets, but when I click on the other options, nothing changes (i.e. it doesn't seem to be producing any rows with null matches).


      Do you know what might be wrong? I'm using the exact same Excel files provided in the tutorial, so I don't see why there should be a difference.


      Thanks in advance!

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          Ritesh Bisht

          Hi Melissa,


          Please have a relook.


          For example here I am doing Left Outer Join hence getting all the Order IDs from the left table and occasional   Nulls with Order ID Returns (see below)


          You can try this , I am using default sample superstore that even you have there


          Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 11.32.30 AM.png



          Also please note that , for example if all the Order IDs are returned Left Outer Join will look like an Inner Join


          I have also created my own videos on Joins here  --> Joins with Troubleshooting Tableau Part 1 (Live Scenario ) - YouTube , hope it




          Please mark the answer as correct and helpful if it really helped you so that it can help others as well.

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            Jon Harvey

            I had the same problem. However, when I increased the rows to 5000, I was able to see the null rows like the video. Perhaps they used a smaller data set for the video than in the example data set.

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              Eoin O'Callaghan

              I found the same problem as Melissa and have also found several other posts about this problem in the community, yet there is no solution that answers it yet.


              Exact same problem as Melissa, working with the same datasets and following the "getting started" video.


              Any help is appreciated.

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                Rom R

                I downloaded the latest data set attached to the "Getting Started" video that had 51,290 rows (not including header row) in the Orders worksheet (the Excel file), and 1079 rows in the "Returns" CSV file.  I tried the Left Join as shown in the video, and I also didn't see any with NULL values in the "Returns" column.  In the Data Source preview, I had to increase the return row count (the input box next to the checkboxes for "Show aliases" and "Show hidden fields")  to 2,300 before I finally saw ones with NULL values (thus showing what a left join should be doing).  However, if I'm sorting by the "Returned" field in ascending order, then a left join should have shown the NULL rows (i.e. non-returned orders from the Orders sheet) first before any of the orders that actually matched with the Return orders.


                I'm guessing that it gives priority to "matches" first, but if so, that should clearly mentioned.  When I'm doing a LEFT join and sorting by what should be NULL values, I shouldn't have to load the whole data set in order to ensure I'm actually getting the LEFT JOIN that I was expecting.  This Preview pane really should be fixed by Tableau.


                It's also not helpful that the preview doesn't have an actual count displayed at the bottom of how many rows are returned based upon your join.