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    If data "x" is in one column, replace null in other column with "x"

    Dru Bussiere

      I have a dataset that is in excel and includes a bunch of sales data including customer name and their sales rep along with the rep's goal.  In all but 3 instances, the rep is an actual rep firm so the excel data has the correct Sls Rep Name in that column.  The 3 unique instances are large customers with no rep but a target.  Since they don't have a rep, the excel data does not have any value for them in the column Sls Rep Name.  Is there a way to clean the data for those 3 customers and add the Sls Rep Name to that column?  I don't need every instance where there is a null value in Sls Rep Name to be changed, only the 3 exceptions.


      I have uploaded an example - Tab DataDump is how the data is presented to me; Tab DataClean is how I need the exceptions to change


      Any ideas would be great!


      thank you,