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    Setting/Using a constant within a crosstab

    Shaun Cotner

      First, my apologies that I cannot share a Tableau file with you. The project I am working on is for work and the information contained in it is sensitive.


      I have blended 3 data sources together and I would like to make a column in cross tab in a worksheet with a formula of the  following form:


      (x = constant sum(column) from Source A) * (y = value in column from Source B) / (z = count(column) in Source C)


      I have tried a number of ways to get all this data to work together in one column, but I keep getting an error saying that I am using an unsupported aggregate function, which I have read cannot be avoided.


      My question is: Is there a way to designate a variable N = (sum(column) from Source A) and then use that variable to end run this unsupported aggregate situation?


      Also, if I am able to due that, will the cross table separate out N by the rows in the cross tab or can it maintain the same value for all rows in the crosstab? I need it to maintain the same value for each row in the table while accepting the filters that are placed on the worksheet.


      Is this possible?


      Thanks, Shaun