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    Percentage of Total using multiple dimensions in single view without using multiple sheets

    youthesh sagar


      Can anyone hlep me in achieving the below tabular chart in tableau.


      My requirement is to show absolute numbers and % of total together based on multiple dimension  in a single view.

      Eg: For USA.

      External hire is 83%.

      formula : External /External +Internal   ( 1250/(1250+250))


      Internal  hire is 17%.

      formula : Internal  /External +Internal   ( 250/(1250+250))


      Consultancy is 20%.

      formula : Consultancy /Consultancy +Referral + Online Media ( 250/(400+600+250))

      Referral is 32%.

      formula : Referral /Consultancy +Referral + Online Media ( 400/(400+600+250))

      Online Media is 48%.

      formula : Online Media/Consultancy +Referral + Online Media ( 600/(400+600+250))



      Female is 25%.

      formula : Female/Female+Male ( 375/(1125+375))


      Male   is 75%.

      formula :  Male  /Female+Male  ( 1125/(1125+375))


      Below is the screenshot of sample data.


      NOTE:: There are many other metrics similar hence i need the order to be exactly as is in the screenshot 


      Please help me achieve the above in tableau. Please find the workbook and data attached.


      Thank You