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    Do you know what "tabadmin validate_schema_signature" is for?

    Toby Erkson

      Since 2018.2 is proving to be too challenging I've decided to go to 2018.1.3 (our current version is 10.5.3).  While restoring a production backup to the QA Server this message appeared:

      I couldn't find that command in the documentation so I did a tabadmin help and got this (direct screen copy):

      >tabadmin help validate_schema_signature

      Usage: <script> [options]


      Validates the database schema based on the migrations that have been run.

      Command options:

              --create-entry               If an entry is non-existent, then a new one will be added.

              --signature-directory        path to the directory for which to look for schema signature files


      Global options:

          -h, --help                       Display <script> help.

          -c, --config CONFIG_NAME         Use the specified service configuration.


      When I ran it I got an error but I don't know why (TS was running...maybe it needs to be stopped?):

      Even with the TS stopped there was an error and I even tried using the --create-entry parameter to no avail:


      As this is my QA Server I'm not concerned, just curious.  According to the KB article it doesn't appear to be a big deal, either, Message "Database schema is different from the expected schema" When Restoring Backup | Tableau Software .  If anyone has input to this undocumented command please enlighten

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          Gerardo Varela

          Hi Toby,

          Looking at it they have purposely hidden it.  There is a flag on it to not list this command as part of tabadmin. There are two parameters to pass two it as you've discovered.  Create-entry is where the postgress db current schema will be written to. The other is the signature-directory is where it's going to look for the what the schema should be. Why it's failing when you manually run it: No idea! Why it might fail when restoring from backup (guessing at this point): create_entry != signature_schema.   Hopefully, that's enough to satisfy your curiosity. If not I can point you to where to look for stuff. 





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            Toby Erkson

            Thanks Gerardo   This isn't something I'm worried about but if it's not a lot of work you can add the other info if you like to help others.

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              Jeff D

              I don't think you need to specify options.  Take a look at the message: where it says "Expected" and "Actual", there are two text files mentioned.  Compare (diff) the two files to see you what you have vs what Tableau was expecting.


              There's not much you can do with this, but if you're running into problems related to Tableau's database, then this information could be useful for troubleshooting.  If the differences are due to changes you've made to the database, it useful to remember this since that can cause problems down the road.