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    Openend Questions: How to apply text labels to codes?

    Andrew Anderson

      First off, love Tableau Prep! It's a game changer for me.


      My questions has to do with open-end questions. I typically code these in Excel and then connect and pivot in Tableau Prep. It all works fine, except when I got to analyze in Tableau, it shows the code number and not the text label.


      How do I get the text labels into Tableau?


      I attached an example Excel sheet. I typically pivot the first sheet 'Coding Data' and call the pivoted fields 'Question ID' and 'Responses'. I then join the 'Question Map' sheet on 'Question ID'. It's the 3rd sheet "Codelist' that I can't figure out how to join.


      Keep in mind that this is a very short list of codes; typically I'll have considerably more. Also, the same code might not have the same label, depending on the question (so, 1=it tasted good for the 'like' question, but 1=too much sugar for the 'dislike' question).


      Thanks in advance for the time!