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    Need help with colour slider in timeseries data in map

    Yasmin Nouichi

      I'm pretty new to Tableau and I was hoping I could get some help on how to build out the following visualisation that I'm having a bit of trouble with.


      I have a timeseries map where I have a different map for each calendar quarter (so 1985 Q1, 1985 Q2, 1985 Q3, etc) and two locations highlighted with each two different variables displayed ("Rent price" and "Vacancy rate"). Then using a slider you are able to move forward in time and see the change in rent price and vacancy rate.


      I can't get the colour slider (pictured) to work correctly.

      Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 15.05.21.png


      I want the colours to only change based on the rent price (higher rent price = red, lower rent price = green). So I want to see both rent and vacancy on the map, but I want only the rent price to influence what colour the filled in parts of the map are. How do I set the colour slider to only change colour for rent prices and not percentages?


      Workbook attached.