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    Which is better, This Year/Last Year columns, or LoD calculations? Total Columns or Calculated Fields?

    Noor Al-Enaney

      I'm not sure whether it's better to have two columns for each measure showing the value this year, and the value for the same period last year, or whether I should stick to LoD calculations.


      I know that fewer columns means tableau dashboards update faster, which is a concern as my dashboards can take 20-30 seconds to update sometimes, but at the same time, I know that LoD calculations only work on a single datasource, which can cause issues if I'm not very careful about which data source is the primary one.


      I'm also not sure, performance-wise, whether an additional total column would be faster than a calculated field, as in the former, Tableau can just read a single value, rather than read many values and calculate them.


      Any advice? I am working on both Tableau Desktop and Tableau Online.