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    Username() Row Level Security and Super Users

    Ross Ryan

      Hello All,

      Thanks for your help in advance as always.



      We have a client which has for better terms a membership dashboard.


      This has around 500 users, each with row level security to ensure they can only see members in their group or area (to maintain GDPR compliance)


      Now our row level security works fine.


      Essentially we have an Auth table which maps Tableau Username against our Unique User ID in our Data Mart, this connects to a table many to many which has an entry for every Area or Group a person should be able to see and this connects then to the full member list.


      The issue we have is that we need 10-20 super users which should be able to see all records. So far, our only solution appears to be to build a full set of group and area responsibilities into our second table to enable this access. However this isn't very future proof, as the Area and Group roles will change.


      I'm hoping that there may be a solution that one of you fine geniuses can think of to perhaps split access control between row and maybe a user filter?


      Please let me know