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    Updating existing user using REST API 3.1

    Sanchit Kulkarni

      I'm using Tableau Online to manage my workbooks and users. Recently I tried using REST API for other tasks like Query users and workbooks.I tried updating the user as a site administrator using REST API snippet code given in API references. The system is able to log me in using my admin credentials,I get the token and construct the PUT request and issue REST call.But i get an error "User 'xyz@gmail.com' is unauthorized to update user '322342cc-6f69-4a59-ad7b-xyz" with error code : 403009.The user I'm trying to update is currently an Explorer and I would like to change his role to Viewer.


      Any idea why I'm unable to change the site role.?

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          Naveen B

          Hi Sanchit,


          Check the below comments


          This method can only be called by server administrators or site administrators. In addition, site administrators have some limitations in what changes they can make to users:

          • Site administrators cannot set thefullNamevalue.
          • Site administrators can change theemailandpasswordvalues only if the caller is a site administrator for all sites that the user is a member of.
          • Site administrators can change thesiteRolevalue only if the site is configured to allow site administrators to add and remove site users.

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            Sanchit Kulkarni

            Hi Naveen,


            I'm the site administrator and thus able to add and remove site users(Tableau Online). It's just the update part which seems to not work.