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    Impact of filter action on dashboard wrt top N filters

    Subramanya Rao Yeleswaram


         I created a dashboard using two sheets.

      1. Top sheet has filled-map displaying the range of colors for profit-ratio for all states.

      2. The second sheet has the top N filter for products with high Profit-ratio. I used Top N filter on Products, as a Parameter.The default value is 10.


      The problem is when I used filter action on map and selected a state ,the top 10 products for the respective state are not being displayed. Instead the filter is selecting only few products from the list of top 10 across all the states.  It actually has to display top 10 for each state individually.


      Tried solutions- I added a context filter in the map and applied it to top N products sheet too.But there was no change in the view.

      Version-Tableau Public 2018.2


      Could any one suggest me with the best solution ??