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    One-To-Many Sankey Diagram

    David Oliver

      Hello Tableau Community,


      I'm working on creating a Sankey Diagram using Occupational Data, however I'm essentially stuck at the gates.  There are various resources on the forum that have been helpful, as well as this YouTube video from SuperDataScience, but I think my biggest hang-up is creating a one-to-many diagram versus the more popular many-to-many diagram.  The desired end result is to have the User select a primary occupation (left column) and have related occupations as the right column, with the bands flowing through the middle.  The data includes a match score as a percentage, so I would also like to use this as a filter for the User.  Unfortunately, I do not have an even remotely functional workbook as a reference, I will include a mock-up done in Paint, as well as a snippet of my source data.


      Any help/insight is greatly appreciated!


      Occ Data Mock-Up.png