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    Calculate Per-Column Statistics Dynamically

    John LaPlante

      Hi all!  I'm hoping someone has some experience with this:


      I am reporting on the number of discipline referrals in our school buildings.  Here's what I put together:



      The "Referral Date" is on the columns shelf, and the level is set to "Month".  The Distinct Count of discipline referrals is on the rows shelf.  I thought this was good...but...


      Now they want the number of referrals per school day per month.  The number of school days is variable due to scheduled non-school days.  So I'm thinking of a calc like this:


      COUNTD([Incident Number]) / **if (month of column) = "September" then 21, else if (month of column) = "October" then 23....etc.


      So in the above calc, the 517 for September would turn into 517/21 or 24.61, and 1364 in October would turn into 1364/23 or 59.3.


      I hope this makes sense...thank you all!