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    Dashboard size issue

    haya Mohiyaddin

      Hi ,


      I am facing following issue.I am using 10.1.3 version and trying to publish a dashboard with 6 tabs.


      4 of the dashboards are of 1300* 2300 and remaining are of 1200* 800.But while we are publishing all the dashboards are coming in the highest size ie ,1300*2300.Why is it so.What am I missing to take care?Any help would be much appreciated.

      The dashboard which are of 1200*800 is also getting long scroll bars.


      Everything above is published as fixed.


      Please help.






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          Andrew Watson

          I believe when you publish showing sheets as tabs that all dashboards share the size of the largest dashboard. The components don't change size, white space fills the gaps. If you publish without showing sheets as tabs the dashboards reflect the actual size in desktop.

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            Naveen B

            Hi Haya,


            Its tableau feature itself whatever the dashboard having highest size with that size only tableau dashboard will render in server


            Hope tableau would take care in coming releases, meanwhile you can publish the dashboard by unchecking show sheets as tabs  so that with same size it will render as it were in desktop


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