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    Error when creating a calculated field with variables from two datasets

    Pedro Zampella

      I have two datasets: one with thousands of rows that has information about clients (one row per client) and more than 100 variables; and another one which is the result of a Machine Learning process that has some important values of the top 10 most important client's variables (one row per variable).


      I want to create a chart that displays the variable in the first dataset that has the highest value in the second dataset. The variables in the second dataset are:


      [Dataset]: is a variable that is the same for all the dataset, and is used to fix a calculation (string).

      [Variables]: is a list with the names of the most important variables (string).

      [Correlation With Target]: is the correlation between the variable in that row and a target variable (float).


      This are the calculations that I have made. The first calculated field is created in the second dataset, and the other two calculated fields are created in the first dataset.


      Highest Correlation:

      IF ABS([Correlation With Target])=={ FIXED  [Dataset]:MAX(ABS([Correlation With Target]))} THEN [Variables] ELSE null END


      Variable Number:

      CASE ATTR([Sheet1 (Variable Dataset)].[Highest Correlation])

      WHEN "Borrower Age" THEN 1

      WHEN "Credit score - Borrower" THEN 2

      WHEN "Monthly Disposable Income" THEN 3

      WHEN "Loan Term" THEN 4

      WHEN "LTV" THEN 5

      WHEN "Monthly Interest Rate" THEN 6

      WHEN "Outstanding Principal Balance" THEN 7

      WHEN "Years at Address" THEN 8

      WHEN "Years in Employment" THEN 9



      Correlation Graph:

      IF {[Highest Correlation]=1} THEN [Borrower Age]

      ELSEIF {[Highest Correlation]=2} THEN [Credit Score]

      ELSEIF {[Highest Correlation]=3} THEN [Income]

      ELSEIF {[Highest Correlation]=4} THEN [Loan Term]

      ELSEIF {[Highest Correlation]=5} THEN [LTV]

      ELSEIF {[Highest Correlation]=6} THEN [Interest Rate]

      ELSEIF {[Highest Correlation]=7} THEN [Outstanding Principal Balance]

      ELSEIF {[Highest Correlation]=8} THEN [Years at Address]

      ELSEIF {[Highest Correlation]=9} THEN [Years in Employment]



      The problem is that in the 3rd calculation, when calling the [Highest Correlation] field, it throws this error:


      "All fields in a level of detail expression must came from the same datasource"


      What would be the turn around for this problem?


      PS: I can't share the workbooks or data, but I will answer any question related to it so I can help you to help me.