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    Refresh All Data Sources of a workbook at a time??

    Dileep Reddy

      Hello All,


      we had created a workbook with 4 Different data sources as a live connection and all are Custom Sql's. In that few has Begin & End date as Parameters. And the workbook is taking almost 50-60 minutes to load it.  So decided to change it to extract Instead of Live connections.


      I can only use Tableau refreshextract to refresh the extracts.


      And my confusion is,


      1) How to refresh the all the data-sources at a time ?

      2) How can i keep the up-to date data in the extracts where it has start & end date parameters?

      3) Will the Tableau refreshextract command accepts the encrypted password?

      4) Scenario being this, which one will give the better performance of .twb or .twbx ?


      Please help me with the above.


      Thanks in Advance!!