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    Patient Driven Research

    Rogier Koning

      We are a group of Cluster Headache Patients (suicide headaches) wanting to do our own research of beste Treatments.
      We have a 150 members now in the group that collect data about their symptoms and all treatments they do.



      We are looking for a Tableau specialist that can help us setup our first analysis and dashboards to use.


      We collect data on daily base and share it monthly. We hope to be able to research the new data every month and use the outcome to inform the group, discuss and give feedback for next month analysis.

      We are 100% patient driven, no commercial influence and driven to find solutions for our attacks. We collect data about regular treatments and alternative ones. We also keep track of other things we do to feel better. This way we hope to create a clear timepath of how we were doing and what we did to feel better.
      Some of us go better than others and we hope to find trends of best treatments looking at symptoms dropping or rising.
      We have contact with the european Headache alliance and have the option that if we can show we can get active and find solutions, we will get access to the Migraine members as well. We also established contacts with Lyme and MS groups.


      Anybody with good knowledge of Tableau is more than welcome to help us out. If you have a medical background its even better but not neccesary at this point.