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    windows keyboard shortcuts

    Bobby Rohrkemper

      Is there a way to see keyboard shortcuts upon hovering? Or inside the menus? i.e. if I hover the mouse over the color pill, I would like to see the corresponding shortcut there.

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          suman kumar

          Hi Bobby Rohrkemper


          Here I have added few details. Please take a look and kindly mark this answer as correct or helpful so that it will helpful for others


          Shortcuts for managing workbooks, sheets, and files (Tableau Desktop)

          DescriptionWindows shortcutMac shortcut
          New workbookCtrl+NCommand+N
          New worksheetCtrl+MCommand+T
          Describe sheetCtrl+ECommand+E
          Cycle forward through open worksheetsCtrl+Tab, Ctrl+F6Shift+Command+Right Bracket
          Cycle backward through open worksheetsCtrl+Shift+Tab, Ctrl+Shift+F6Shift+Command+Left Bracket
          Switch in and out of Presentation ModeF7 , Ctrl+HOption+Return
          Switch in and out of Full Screen mode Control+Command+F
          Open fileCtrl+OCommand+O
          Save fileCtrl+SCommand+S
          Revert workbook to last saved stateF12Option+Command+E
          Close the current workbookAlt+F4Command+W
          Open HelpF1Control+Command+Question Mark

          Shortcuts for data (Tableau Desktop)

          DescriptionWindows shortcutMac shortcut
          Connect to data sourceCtrl+DCommand+D
          Activate the find command in the Data paneCtrl+FCommand+F
          Refresh the data sourceF5Command+R
          Run data updates on a viewF9Shift+Command+0
          Toggle automatic data updates on and offF10Option+Command+0

          Shortcuts for selection tools (Tableau Desktop)

          DescriptionWindows shortcutMac shortcut
          Select all dataCtrl+ACommand+A
          Copy selected dataCtrl+CCommand+C
          Use Rectangular Selection toolAA
          Use Lasso Selection ToolDD
          Use Radial Selection ToolSS
          Clear the selectionEscEsc

          Shortcuts for authoring views (Tableau Desktop)

          DescriptionWindows shortcutMac shortcut
          Show Me!Ctrl+1 , Ctrl+Shift+1Command+1
          Add the selected field to the sheet. (Only works with a single field.)Enter or double-clickReturn or double-click
          Place selected field on Columns shelfAlt+Shift+COption+Shift+C
          Place selected field on Filters shelfAlt+Shift+FOption+Shift+F
          Place selected field on SizeAlt+Shift+IOption+Shift+I
          Place selected field on DetailAlt+Shift+LOption+Shift+L
          Place selected field on ColorAlt+Shift+OOption+Shift+O
          Place selected field on Pages shelfAlt+Shift+POption+Shift+P
          Place selected field on Rows shelfAlt+Shift+ROption+Shift+R
          Place selected field on ShapeAlt+Shift+SOption+Shift+S
          Place selected field on Text/LabelAlt+Shift+TOption+Shift+T
          Place selected field on Rows shelfAlt+Shift+XOption+Shift+X
          Place selected field on Columns shelfAlt+Shift+YOption+Shift+Y
          Open the Drop Field menuRight-click+Drag to shelfOption+Drag to shelf
          Copy a field in the view and place it on another shelf or cardCtrl+DragCommand+Drag
          Swap rows and columnsCtrl+WControl+Command+W
          Flip orientation of column labels at bottom of viewCtrl+L
          Toggle dashboard grid on and offGG
          Toggle between Dashboard and Layout tabsTT
          Cut text selection (in captions, titles, formulas, etc.)Ctrl+XCommand+X
          Paste clipboardCtrl+VCommand+V
          Clear the current worksheetAlt+Shift+BackspaceOption+Shift+Delete

          Shortcuts for resizing rows and columns (Tableau Desktop)

          Smaller cell sizeCtrl+BCommand+B
          Bigger cell sizeCtrl+Shift+BCommand+Shift+B
          Make rows narrowerCtrl+Left ArrowControl+Command+Left Arrow
          Make rows widerCtrl+Right ArrowControl+Command+Right Arrow
          Make columns shorterCtrl+Down ArrowControl+Command+Down Arrow
          Make columns tallerCtrl+Up ArrowControl+Command+Up Arrow

          Shortcuts for pages (Tableau Desktop)

          DescriptionWindows shortcutMac shortcut
          Start or stop forward playback on the Pages shelfF4F4
          Start or stop backward playback on the Pages shelfShift+F4Shift+F4
          Skip forward one pageCtrl+PeriodCommand+Period
          Skip backward one pageCtrl+CommaCommand+Comma

          Shortcuts for selecting and navigating marks

          DescriptionWindows shortcutMac shortcut
          Select a markClickClick
          Select a group of marksDragDrag
          Add individual marks to the selectionCtrl+ClickCommand+Click
          Add a group of marks to the selectionCtrl+DragCommand+Drag
          Pan around the viewShift+DragShift+Drag
          Zoom in to a point in the view (if not map, requires zoom mode)Double-click , Ctrl+Shift+ClickDouble-click, Shift+Command+Click
          Zoom out from a point on a map (if not map, requires zoom mode)Ctrl+Shift+Alt+ClickShift+Option+Command+Click
          Zoom outShift+Double-clickShift+Double+click
          Zoom in to an area in the view (requires zoom mode if not map)Ctrl+Shift+DragShift+Command+Drag
          Zoom in and out on a mapScrollScroll
          Drag a row and scroll through a long list simultaneouslyClick+Drag to bottom of pane+HoldClick+Scroll, Command+Hold

          Shortcuts for web authoring (Tableau Online or Tableau Server)

          DescriptionWindows shortcutMac shortcut
          Toggle full screenF11Control+Command+F
          Rename data sourceAlt+F2Option+F2
          New data sourceCtrl+Alt+DControl+D
          Edit data sourceCtrl+Alt+Shift+DControl+Shift+D
          Create new worksheetCtrl+Alt+TCommand+Alt+T
          Add field to sheetDouble-clickDouble-click
          Copy a field in the view and place it on another shelf or cardCtrl+DragCommand+Drag
          Rename column field (when field is selected in the data schema pane)



          Toggle dashboard grid on and offGG
          Toggle between Dashboard and Layout tabsTT
          Move floating dashboard objectArrow key moves 1 pixel, Shift+arrow moves 10 pixelsArrow key moves 1 pixel, Shift+arrow moves 10 pixels

          Resize floating dashboard object

          Alt+arrow key resizes in 1-pixel increments, Shift+Alt+arrow resizes in 10-pixel incrementsOption+arrow key resizes in 1-pixel increments, Shift+Alt+arrow resizes in 10-pixel increments

          Ctrl+Y, Ctrl+Shift+Z

          Command+Y, Command+Shift+Z

          Save workbookCtrl+SCommand+S
          Save workbook asCtrl+Shift+SShift+Command+S
          Close web authoringAlt+QOption+Q
          Open HelpF1Control+Command+Question Mark




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            Bobby Rohrkemper

            Hi Suman, thanks for the list. In fact, I had already found this. My question was a bit different. Can I see keyboard shortucts displayed in the menus or while hovering over buttons directly in the Tableau application?

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              iswarya g

              Hi @Bobby,


              Yes there is a way to find the few shortcuts in tableau application. If Alt key is pressed,in each menu one letter will be underlined


              If you press the underlined letter the respective drop down menu will be available and again press the underlined word in the menu to perform particular action