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    Date Quick Filter: Default Value and Last 8 months data

    Sai Sri B

      Hello Team,


      I have a date field. I want to implement the below 2 requirements using that date field:

      1. Add Quick filter: the quick filter should be defaulted to latest available date

      2. In addition to that,

           a. if my default selection is Jun-18 then it should display last 8 months data including Jun-18 (Jun-18, May-18, Apr-18, Mar-18, Feb-18, Jan-18 and Dec-17)

           b. If my latest date is Aug then it should be selecting Aug-18 as a default date and graph should be plotted for last 8 months ((Aug-18, Jul-18, Jun-18, May-18, Apr-18, Mar-18, Feb-18 and Jan-18 )


      Attached the. twbx