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    Need help with timeseries data in map visualisation

    Yasmin Nouichi

      I'm pretty new to Tableau and I was hoping I could get some help on how to build out the following visualisation that I'm having a bit of trouble with.


      I have a .xlsx file where in Row 1, I have the calendar quarters, in Row 2 I have the zipcode of a location, and the rest of the row is filled with a variable (In this case "Rent Price per Sqft") pertaining to that particular location. The same for Row 3, just a different location.  Then in row 4 and 5 I have the vacancy rates for each of these zipcodes, named "Vacancy rate City" and "Vacancy rate Midtown". I have imported the .xlsx file to Tableau and have created the following pivot table with the data. I have created two groups in the pivot column Numbers: one group for "Rent Price" and one group for "Percentages".


      Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 13.21.21.png


      I want to display this information on a timeseries map where I have a different map for each calendar quarter (so 1985 Q1, 1985 Q2, 1985 Q3, etc) and the two locations highlighted with both variables displayed. So a map for 1985 Q1 would display a map with two locations (zipcodes) highlighted, and if you mouseover it would display the "rent price" and the "vacancy rate" for that quarter. Then using a slider you would be able to move forward in time and see the change in rent price and vacancy rate take place.


      I have already created the map but can't get the percentages and rent prices to display correctly! If anyone can help, I’d really appreciate it! Below is a screenshot of where I'm stuck:


      Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 13.32.23.png


      Workbook attached.