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    restore error

    Roshan Bisnath

      source: Windows Server version 10.2

      destination: Tableau 2018.2




      I have done a restore of a backup from Windows server running tableau 10.2 to Tableau 2018.2.


      Below is the error code.

      [tableau@RH-TABLEAU-04 ~]$ tsm maintenance restore -f tabserver_bkp-2018-08-07.tsbak

      Restoring 'tabserver_bkp-2018-08-07.tsbak'...

      Using server-side file name 'tabserver_bkp-2018-08-07.tsbak'

      Job id is '3', timeout is 2880 minutes.

      3% - The backup file uses a different authentication method than the current configuration and would result in inaccessible user accounts (in backup: {wgserver.authenticate=activedirectory}; on server: {wgserver.authenticate=local}).

      6% - Deleting temporary backup file.

      10% - Cleaning up restore data on all nodes.

      13% - Uninstalling restore services.



      Restoring the backup 'tabserver_bkp-2018-08-07.tsbak' was unsuccessful.


      How will I check what authentication method and configuration was used on the Windows Tableau server?


      As shown in step 1 in Plan Migration from the doc below, it says I need to identifiy the local store on Desktop.





      Migrate Tableau Server from Windows to Linux


      How will I identify?