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    Need to find last date data for the applied filter (year, quarter & month)

    Ajith Suresh

      I am having a requirement like when ever user selects a particular month, quarter or year, we have to display the last date data for the corresponding date selections.


      Initially we have created a calculated field to find the last date data for current month but which is not filter friendly hence it is showing data with respect to today's date. The main requirement is to write a calculation which is filter friendly so that user will be able to see last date data for current month, previous month and so on for all the date filter selections.


      I am attaching a demo workbook created with Tableau 10.1. In the workbook, i have included the calculation for last date data which is not filter friendly.


      Could any one of you please help on this.



      Thanks in Advance,

      Ajith V S