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    Visualizing data with overlapping fields

    kamran khan

      Can anyone come up with a way to effectively visualise the attached data.Its basically some studies with a particular diagnosis criteria for a disease and there are different diagnostic criteria and some mostly studies are using a combination of them.I created a Venn diagram in R with five ovals but its doesn't look very intuitive and also its not showing complete data as I have more then 5 different diagnostic criterion.

      I would really appreciate any tips.



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          Tushar  More

          Hi Kamran,


          This forum is about helping people if they face any problem. I'd suggest try creating something and then let us know if you face any difficulty in that.


          If you want to get ideas then check Tableau public gallery. You will find tons of good visualizations. If you still need help in creating anything from scratch then look for a Tableau consultant.


          Hope that makes sense.