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    Edit pivot with multiple pivot fields

    Martin Kmec



      Question: Is there an easier way to modify multi-pivot pivot step in Tableau Prep?

      Error: Pivot columns must have the same number of fields


      • GIF of the error as well as what I am trying to achieve
      • example workbook from the video


      I have created a flow which initially required only 2 Pivot fields (names) with corresponding 3 Pivot value fields (cannot publish it here). Later, I realized that I would need another set of Field3 and Field4 (name, dates, sales, calls). I was not able to add new fields due to error mentioned above. I am hoping that the attached GIF helps you understand the issue.

      The only solution I could I come up with, was to remove Pivot1 Value2 and Pivot1 Value3 fields, then add Field3 name. After re-create Pivot1 Value2 and Value3 fields again. This looks cumbersome to me, and I am certain there has to be easier solution than this.


      Pivot1 namesPivot1 ValuePivot1 Value2Pivot1 Value3
      Field1 nameField1 nameField1 salesField1 calls
      Field2 nameField2 nameField2 salesField2 calls


      Thank you beforehand for your ideas.