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    Unexpected behaviour for rolling n-day window

    Tony Burton

      Hi, I've got a dashboard made of four sheets, each of which connects to the same Redshift table. I filter by a couple of parameters to make the four different sheets, and set a date filter via the Filter->Edit Filter...->Relative dates dialog. On my Day pill I've also got "Show missing values" selected so I can see dates where there's no data (this is the point of the dashboard - to alert me to days with no processed data).



      The odd thing is that even with "last 60 days" selected in the date filter, I'm being shown data from "60 days from when there was last data" rather than "60 days ago from today". For one of my combinations of parameters, it's showing data for the days up until July 11, which is when it last saw data. The other three show 60 days since today, because data is being produced for all of those dates. See attached screen grab for more info - the dodgy plot is bottom right.


      Is there any way to get to see "60 days before today" rather than "60 days of most recent data"? I've tried the "Anchor relative to" option of the date Filter, with no effect. Likewise the "month to date" etc switches on the Filter have no effect (this feels particularly odd - "to date" for me means "show me everything in this time window up until today even if it's nothing"


      Also probably of relevance: in my original Redshift table, there's no "zero data", ie data is only written to the table when events take place, not when they don't.


      I've attached a packaged workbook with a similar extract of data for you to have a look at.