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    Trouble with size of shapes

    Ross White

      Hi, I have a simple problem with shapes I'm hoping someone can help with. I've attached a screen grab of a viz I am working on.


      You'll notice in the first screen grab that the symbols there are fewer results in the second table and the symbols become too large and blurry. In the second grab there are more results and the symbols shrink right down. Is there a way to prevent the shapes from changing size according to the number of results - I want them to be one static size  - I don't want them to automatically adjust. Happy to provide a workbook as well.


      Thanks in advance.

      Capture 2.PNG                          Capture 1.PNG

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          I may not have the same settings as you with regards to Fit Height, etc.

          and so I wasn't able to recreate it with SampleStore.

          Would be grateful if you could post your workbook.


          One thing you could try would be to create a calculated field of simply: 1

          Then you could put this on the Size shelf as MIN([One]).

          You could adjust the size slider as needed.


          Attached in the Forum thread is a workbook v10.3.