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    Identify which [Order ID] was ordered before 12:00 PM by [Order Time]

    Saharat Sakulsaowapakkul



      Let's focus on original dimensions below


      Dimensions: [Order Time] (24 hours format EX. 12:00:00),  and [Order ID]


      I would like to create new calculated field called [Is ordered before 12:00:00] which have following logic


      If [Order created time] < 12:00:00

      then "Before 12:00PM"

      else "After 12:00PM"



      In other word, I wonder that which Order was ordered before 12:00 (Which is my company cutoff time).

      That one would be considered as "Before 12:00PM"

      Meanwhile, "After 12:00PM" is the rest.


      Please kindly give me a suggestion to convert my conversation logic into calculated logic congruence with Tableau.

      You may also revised my attach workbook and upload to me.


      Thank you in advance.