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          CM S,


          I'm not sure if I caught the gist, but I think you can make a Gantt

          out of any of your dates.


          One way is to use Level of Detail calculations to fix the milestone dates

          to the whole region so then you can make the duration subtraction.


          So the Construction Start date is:

          { FIXED [Region]:MIN(IF TRIM([Milestone])="Break Ground" THEN [Start Date] END)}


          And the Construction Ready date is similarly:

          { FIXED [Region]:MIN(IF TRIM([Milestone])="Provision Ready - DH B & A" THEN [Start Date] END)}


          So the duration is:

          DATEDIFF('day',[Construction Start Fixed],[Construction Ready Fixed])


          Please see sheet DevPlan - Start to Ready in the workbook v2018.1 attached in the Forum Thread.

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