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    Grouping by Windowed Avg. Profit

    Ben Bird

      My goal is to group lines into different categories based off of their 12 week average profit with regions having the ability to move up and down in groups based on their performance in the past twelve weeks.  I am having trouble creating a calculated field that groups the way i want show up as a dimension.


      Once completed I want to be able to see how much Profit is being generated by each group and how much each group contributes to my profit as a whole.


      Attached is a workbook that shows what i have attempted.


      Any help is appreciated.

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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Ben

          Did you ever get a response?

          Not certain I understand what you want but see the attached

          I was a little confused about the "group lines?" then I looked ar your workbook and saw you used region - is that what you meant?


          any way a couple ways to consider





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