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    Different Dates, display mixed Values in Line Chart


      Hey Guys,


      I've a Worksheet with 3 types of Measures. The first Measure "CALCCountNewTickets" Counts my new Tickets. The second Measure "CALCCountResolvedTickets" Counts my resolved Tickets. The third Measure "CALCTrendOpenedTickets" is the Running_Sum of the difference of the first Measure and the second Measure. Then I've two Datefields. First the "DateSubmittedNew_DST" it's the day and time when a new Ticket gets created. The second Datefield is "DateTicketResolved" it's the time when a ticket got resolved.


      Now I want to display a line chart with three lines, the CALCCountNewTickets, the CALCCountResolvedTickets and the CALCTrendOpenedTickets as a Trendline. So thats not really a problem. I drop the "DateSubmittedNew_DST" to the Columns field and Measure Values to the Row field. I'm Displaying the Date in the Columns field as Week number to have a overview of the weeks.


      Whats the problem? Tableau uses the data with the point to "DateSubmittedNew_DST". What does that mean? The lines CALCCountResolvedTickets and CALCCountNewTickets are the same at old tickets. When I'm displaying the data only with the Datefield "DateTicketResolved" it's also false. I need something like the "CALCCountResolvedTickets" refered to DateTicketResolved and the CALCCountNewTickets refered to DateSubmittedNew_DST. Is there any chance to get this?


      To sum it up in a picture, I need the left blue line in the right graph, instead of the right blue line and calculate the orange line with the difference of the right grey line and the left blue line.



      Thanks a lot!