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    Weird RunningSum issue

    Michael Pearson

      Have data that is showing for every day, the number of stays happening on a date, pivoted with when the bookings for those stays actually occurred.


      When displaying the data with just a count of bookings, everything is fine


      When I add a cumulative sum by stay date (so, give me a running calculation that as we get closer to that stay date, shows me the TOTAL number of reservations made up to that point), it causes a bunch of data to drop out.


      I assume this is because my data doesn't have every day in there? So if there are gaps its dropping data?


      Weird because its so close so unsure if I am doing something dumb, or if its a data issue.


      Ideally, I'd like to have 2 columns, showing (sorted by TTCI (Total Time to Check In) larger to smaller) for each date that show the number of bookings made on that TTCI as well as the total number of bookings made up to that point (so a running sum by stay date).

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          I'm not sure if the below quite got there but, I think it is a matter dealing

          with table calculation settings.


          If you are aiming to keep it in the table that you've shown, you can

          try a compute using of Table Down.


          I didn't quite catch what you wanted your final visualization to look like,

          but if you are going to move the pills around you, can change the table calc

          setting to specific dimensions as shown on the sheet named "specific dimensions".


          If this isn't working out, please post a graphic of the final layout you seek.

          I wasn't sure if your leftmost pill on rows was going to be TTCI, that would change things.


          Please see workbook v2018.1 attached in the Forum Thread.