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    Possible to Autoformat Shapes in a worksheet?

    Chad Clauson

      Hi, I am looking to implement some KPI shapes onto my dashboard. Simply, I would create a calculated field and assign the shape I want to the string value. However, when the condition is not met, the space is blank as intended (filtering out nulls). It's a bit hard to explain with no workbook example but essentially the layout would look something like this if I had multiple indicators:

      Under the text title on the dashboard there can be up to 3 different KPI shapes as displayed below. (* represents KPI shape)



      *     *      *


      However, let's say the first two aren't met, it would display:





      This would look out of place as there is empty space. The third shape should center under Indicators. Is it possible to have this worksheet automatically format so that the shapes are center-aligned? If so, how can I create a calculated field to take into account multiple conditions and shapes? I know an alternative way is to assign the null values to be a green checkmark or something like that so there is always a shape in their respective positions, but what about the way I'm wanting?

      So far, I have: IF [SalesPend] > 0 THEN "CAUTION" END. This returns one shape or null (which I would exclude)