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    Joining NYS Ed data w/ School District Shapefiles


      Hello everyone,


      Thank you in advance for any feedback, advice, and help. I appreciate all of it.


      I'm currently working with a shapefile that includes all of NYS' School Districts. At the same time, I'm hoping to join said shapefile with School District Graduation Data. One hiccup, the School District names used by NYS' Database do not entirely match the School District names utilized in the shapefile. For example, "Albany City School District" on the NYS Data would equal "ALBANY" on the shapefile.


      I have thought of the following approaches:

      1. Changing the NYS Data in Excel in advance before joining the datasets, but going through 18-30 districts for each year of data is tedious.
      2. I've also considered creating a calculated field on tableau that amends the shapefile name to the NYS data names (utilizing this approach would ensure I don't have to control-f and replace all while the files are in excel).


      Is there a better way to address this issue?