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    Window Average Calculation not Working with Table & Graph

    Liz Lucabaugh

      Hi Everyone,


      I'm trying to construct a view that contains both a table and a histogram, which I've been able to create, BUT when trying to apply a Window Average to the top of the table, it's giving me a range (e.g., 72.02% to 82.69%) instead of a single value (e.g., 78%). The Window Average worked just fine BEFORE I added the histogram to the view (when it was solely a table) and now it's showing the range instead of single value as it did before. I'd really like to compute the table average of "Tag Average" and place this as a large number at the top of the view. Keep in mind, Tags are also selected from a multiple drop-down filter - this is why I'd like the window average to adjust based on the select. How can I get it to calculate so that it show single average of the table (for Tag Average)?

      Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 12.10.53 PM.png