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    File Access Issues for Different People

    Jordan Brogden



      Myself and my manager use Tableau prep and connect it to files stored on our team's Sharepoint site.


      Because the files are sourced using the individuals' Sharepoint login, we effectively can't both use the same prep files - because when we open any of them up that the other has used, we must re-map every file we are connecting to.


      We both have access of course to the team site - is there any workaround to this?




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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Jordan,


          I am not familiar with the cause of this on the sharepoint side but I am curious if it is possible to utilize unique versions of the report on  Tableau Server for you and your manager?  Would that cause issues?  it sounds like there are unique data sources per user and that would be a challenge to manage if the underlying data is actually different per user rather than using Tableau Server to limit the view of data to a particular user based on rights.