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    Show Action Filter Selections across Dashboard

    Eleonor Hellblom



      I have multiple dashboards and multiple data source connections - they are all the same data sources/table but I need multiple for different reasons.

      So in order to have it filtering across all of them as efficient as possible, I load the same source one more time to have this as a 'Filter' source (so the filters come in as secondary for all the sources) and use Actions to filter across as I have multiple filters.


      However, I am struggling to have the selection of the filter being shown on all my dashboards i.e. if you filter on one dashboard, and the filter/sheet highlights - it doesn't highlight on the other dashboard.

      So if you look at the example I attached, on the 'European' dashboard it is filtered on 'Manufacturer: Okidata', which filters both Europe and America dashboard - but you can't see on the 'America' dashboard that this is selected. How do you do that?


      I hope this makes sense - or is there maybe another/better way to have filters?