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    Dynamic formatting in dual axis chart while changing parameters

    Chandrakant Gaur

      I am creating a dual axis bar chart with the help of parameters which are having multiple values in the drop-down. The issue I am running into here is when I am changing the parameters it's not showing the format of the values, for example when I am selecting Cost or any metric that begins with 'Cost per' it should be in currency format while any metric with string 'Rate' in header name should be in percentage format.


      I've read a couple of answers like creating a different sheet for different y1 and y2 axis combination but I think that will be overwhelming and will increase the file size, and a few people also suggested creating a different calculated field for each parameter selection but that didn't work here in case of the dual axis chart.


      I have been looking into existing discussions in the community here but could not find an exact answer for my query. Also, when I am changing the parameter I want the name of the axis changed too, for example here I was able to name the Y1 axis as Cost by dragging parameter in the row shelf but it's now working with Y2 axis.