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    Countd on running period


      Hi everybody,


      Currently working on numbers of customers, I'd like to do my dashboard according different parameter (month and period).

      As you can see in the attachment, when i try to have single customers for the MQT (=CM3), I actually have the sum of the 3 last months : so instead of having 12 for April, i obtain 21.


      Do you have any idea of the way to use to have the good result with this view ?


      Many thanks,



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          I'm not sure if this quite got there,

          but I think you can use Level of Detail calculations to get your result.


          Because you are using a parameter for the date selection,

          you can get just the IDs in the window using:

          IF DATEDIFF('month',[Date Fact],[Mois d'étude])<=2

          AND DATEDIFF('month',[Date Fact],[Mois d'étude])>=0

          THEN [ID]



          Then you can count these using:

          { FIXED : COUNTD([2 month back ID])}


          You can then use a regular filter, because the above count value

          is fixed to all rows:

          [Date Fact (Months)]=[Mois d'étude]


          Of note, I used a custom date for the comparison:

          Custom Dates


          Please see workbook v10.4 attached in the Forum Thread.

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            Hi !!!!


            Thanks a lot, it works, and thanks to your good explanations, I did it for all running period needed !


            Many, many thanks !


            Best regards,