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    Adding new files to existing flow

    sowjanya kolluru

      Hi all,


      I have built a tableau prep flow as below. However, if I want to add a new to file to the existing flow it is not happening, it is creating another set of flow instead of joining. Please can someone advise if it is possible to do so or a way to do it. I want to add a join and continue as a flow on Clean 1 step instead of creating another flow below.






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          Rajeev Pandey

          Hi Sowjanya,

          Are you planning to do union or Join.?

          Here are the couple of steps

          Add an option called Add Union/Join depending on the choice of your data prep

          Union your data

          1. In the Flow pane, drag the cleaning step Rename states to the  Changed data type step and drop it on the Union option.              
          2.   You see that Tableau Prep added a new Union step to your flow. Great! Now you want to add the other files to this union too.
          3. Drag the Fix dates/field names step to the new Union step. Drop it on Add to add it to the existing union.                
          4. Drag the orders_south_2015 step to the new Union step. Drop it on Add to add it to the existing union.Now all of your files are combined into a single table. In the Flow pane, select the Union step to see your results.             
          5.    You notice that Tableau Prep automatically matched up the fields that had the same names and types.You also see that the colors assigned to the steps in the flow are used in the union profiles to indicate where the field came from and also appear in the colored band across the top of each field to show you if that field exists in that table.You  notice that a new field called Table Names was added that lists  the tables where all the rows in the union come from. A list of mismatched fields also shows in the summary pane  and you can see right away that the fields Product and Discounts only appear in the Orders_Central file.
          6. To take a closer look at these fields, in the Union Results pane, select the Show only mismatched fields check box.          
          7.       Looking at the field data, you quickly see that the data is the same, but the field name is different. You could simply rename the field, but you wonder if you could just drag and drop these fields to merge them. You decide to try that and see.