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    Future projection based on historical data

    Niklas Leminen

      Dear community,


      I have a historical dataset and my task is to create a future projection with that. My dataset consists of problem -data. This is an example:


      Problem numberOpenedWorkload per month in hoursNumber of related incidents


      The task is to bring those numbers to the future. I know, that the prob1 creates 7 incidents per month, which require extra work 12 hours. For prob2 the related incidents count is 11 per month, as it is 2 months old, and it creates 13 hours of extra work.


      Based on these pieces of data I should create a cumulative projection for the future, like the picture attached shows. The picture shows the cumulative workload and incidents creation for the upcoming months for Prob1. I know how to get the different variables for y=xm+c -type projection, but my problem comes with the months.

      I am unable to create those months, that are visible in the x -axis, and thus I am unable to create a projection.


      What is your suggestion, how to create this kind of projection based on historical data? I tried to google this and find a KB that could help, but I probably do not know the right terms to use for finding an answer for this.


      If you have some clarifying questions, please go ahead! As per my company policy, I am not however allowed to share a sample dataset.