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    Truncated y-axis symbol

    Russell Young

      Is there an easy way to show an indicator where the y-axis is not starting at zero?  Example zig-zag indicator from ONS, as borrowed from Andy Kirk's The little of visualisation design: Part 54 - Visualising Data  

      I appreciate that in most cases it's best to have the axis down to zero, but sometimes - such as below - it does make sense to cut the axis down.   Thanks


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          Hello Russell,


          There are a couple ways that you could accomplish something similar to this in Tableau Desktop.


          One method would be to set the tick marks origin to be a number more suitable to the Viz, as the example gives above, at 68.

          To accomplish this, right click the axis > Edit Axis > Tick Marks > Tick Origin


          Additionally you can also set the range in the axis to be fixed. So that it will start at a different range than at 0. More information on fixed axises here: Edit Axes


          The ability to have a button or something more automatic to create the view like the one above could be requested to be added to the product via a Tableau Idea. Please add the idea here: Ideas


          Hope this helps!



          Byrne, Patrick

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            Brandon Kidwell

            Hello Russell,


            This is not a technical solution and might have negative drawbacks if your dashboard needs to be resized for various screens but you could simply place a floating transparent .png of the icon or image you wish to place at the axis.


            I could not find a great zigzag like that but I did find scissors Scissor PNG Picture - Clip Art Library


            Hope this helps!



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              Russell Young

              Thanks Brandon.  That creative approach will do the trick as an improvised solution!  Good idea. Best, Russell