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    How to group column values and create new column grouped values

    Venkat Gm

      Hi All,


      I have a states column in my Data, That column contains 29 states. I want divide those states into 2 columns.

      Example :

      New column ("South India") :

      New column (Other states):

      Rest of all other states will be in "Other State" column.


      For that I have created case statement "South India"  :


      case  when [states]="Andhrapradesh" THEN "Andhrapradesh"

      WHEN [states]="Karnataka" THEN "Karnataka"

      WHEN [states]="Tamilnadu" THEN "Tamilnadu"

      WHEN [states]="Telagana" THEN "Telagana" 

      WHEN [states]="Tripura" THEN "Tripura"

      WHEN [states]="Kerala" THEN "Kerala"



      I used above calculation but  I'm getting Other states values also as "Null". I want only 6 values under South India column . I don't want see others states data.

      Could please help me ho we can create calculate field for that.