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    Calculations with Tableau and Python

    Vincent PAREZ

      Dear all,


      I am looking for a way to do an iterative calculation based on a Tableau table.

      The table is roughly a time serie and made of 2 columns:

      • Timestamp
      • Flow or Volume between 2 consecutive timestamp


      And to illustrate a little bit more what I am trying to do, we could used as an example of what I want to do take the classical exercice of the bathtub drain.

      Beside this table, I have a parameter that give me a fixed volume, the volume of the bathtub.


      Knowing the coming timestamps and associated flows, I would like for any row (as if the bathtub was empty) to calculate the time at which the volume of the bathtub will be filled in (flow integration along time).


      I have tried different things in Tableau, using a Python script but nothing work.


      I probably miss something about how Python integration with Tableau is working


      If you need I can provide a table with data and attended results