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    Sending out a tableau report for multiple countries

    Oliver Marsh

      Hello Tableau Community,



      I’m a long term Tableau end user, first time on this forum.



      We have an ambitious project at the moment and was wondering if anyone of you smart eggs know a. what processes we would need to carry out and b. if we need Tableau Server for that or Desktop would be enough.



      The remit essentially is creating a tableau workbook, which includes a number of data points for over 40 countries and then giving it to our client for them to view. We were thinking filtering a dashboard by a map view, so the client  can narrow drill down into the graphs by country.



      We currently have Tableau Desktop, where we build several dashboards for various metrics, but are open to the idea of using Tableau Server in the future to share with the client more easily - do you think this is necessary or would Tableau Desktop be sufficient?



      The client has also requested these dashboards be printable for each country - from your experience what is the best way to print Tableau workbook? Would saving it to pdf work without corrupting quality?


      Thanks so much!!