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    Convert Tableau DataSource extension ("tdsx", "tde") format to ".hyper"

    Emre Mustafa GÖKCAN

      Hello there,

      I use Tableau Linux Server 2018.1.3. Tableau server was upgraded from 10.5. But a large part of the datasources remained in tdsx format.

      There are no plugins in Datasource. How can I convert tdsx format to .hyper format ?

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          Laura LIMONIER

          Hello Emre,


          A .tdsx file is a packaged datasource file containing :

          - a .tds file (basically a .xml file renamed .tds which contains all the metadata of your datasource)

          - a folder containing the data extract :

               - the data extract : before 10.5, it was a .tde file, in more recent version Tableau Server automatically converts it to a .hyper file.


          So, you can't really convert a .tdsx file to a .hyper file.

          But, you can rename your .tdsx file as .zip file and then unzip it and check in your subfolder if it is a .tde file or a .hyper file.


          I'm pretty sure that if you download these datasources from your Tableau Server and unzip it, you will find your .hyper files.


          Let me know if it helped !