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    Change format of string.

    Pavan Naik Nenavath

      1. GIVEN

      Start time  -  03-21-2018 20:13:46 (STRING)



      I created calculated field Start date using SPLIT([Start time], " ", 1) to get Start date as 03-21-2018.


      I created another calculated field Next date using STR(DATE(DATEADD('day',1,DATE([Start date]))))   but the result is 2018-03-22. I want Next date as 03-22-2018?


      Start date, Next date and Start time are STRING data type.


      2: Completion time (STRING) : 23-03-2018 13:29:42. I want completion time as 03-23-2018 13:29:42 (STRING)?


      Can someone help with above two issues.