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    Tableau Server Back restore stuck at "Restoring Keystore

    Anuj Srivastava

      Hello Tableauites,


      I am working on task where i am supposed to take backup on from One tableau server and restore it to another one. After going through the information available, i was able to take a backup of my exisiting server but when i use the same backup to restore. The process gets stuck at the step "Restoring Keystore"


      I tried two different backup files (difference being a week's time) but both result in same. Following are the details


      - Both are on EC2 instance

      - Exisitng version 2018.1

      - new version 2018.1.3

      - Using Tabcmd via Powershell


      Backup file size 800MB.


      The restore process is stuck at "Restoring Keystore" for last 7 hours. It does not throw any error.


      Any help/suggestion would be great