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    Tableau Server 2018.2 initializing error: An error occurred while waiting for services to reconfigure.

    Kushal Pardeshi

      Hello People,


      We are trying to install Tableau server 2018.2 version on machine.


      Downloaded from below link:



      We are using below setup for same:

      TableauServer-64bit-2018-2-0.exe (1389 MB)


      While completing 'Activate - Register - Setup - Initialize' steps on IE, we are facing below error at 'Initialize' step:


      "Initialization terminated at step 5 of 40: An error occurred while waiting for services to reconfigure."


      We have tried below ways to complete the initialization, but in vain:


      • Re-entered information in previous setup step
      • Tried initializing server several times (like around 5-6 times)
      • Searched for related content on google but till now, I have not found any concrete information regarding same
      • Uninstalled and reinstalled Tableau Server
      • Tried running as User account and NT Authority\Network service
      • By specifically giving Gateway port


      And hence, we have not completed Tableau server setup yet on machine.


      Please help me with the appropriate guidelines.