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    Category associated with LOD function

    Ryan Julius Banez

      Good day


      I used the APAC superstore as test data for my inquiry. Suppose I want to know which Country originated the Maximum total sales per order last August 2015 (Answer is China).


      I did LOD for Sum of Sales per Order ID: {FIXED [Order ID]: SUM([Sales])} and I can use the Month-Year filter to show only August 2015. Nothing difficult there except that it shows the number.


      I want this to show China.png


      However I want it to show China instead of 6,607. Something similar to a VLookup.


      I searched the forums and the closest I encountered is this tutorial --> Calculated Field (LOD) as Lookup Criteria


      However, when I apply the same thing on my worksheet, it breaks down everything per country. I only want to show the country where the maximum sum of sale per order was computed


      This is what I get following the tutorial.png


      I would appreciate any help.


      Thank you.